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 Palestine ... my name is Palestine

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PostSubject: Palestine ... my name is Palestine   Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:16 am


Palestine..... My name is Palestine,

I carved it on all the fronts,

With bold handwriting rising above all headlines,

My name follows me, live with me and n
urtures me,

It ignites the fire in my soul and pulses through my veins,

The caves of mountains knows me,

I did my best then asked the nation to be,

Salah Aldin is calling from deep inside me,

All of my Arab identity calls for revenge and fre

And my flags that were folded upp on the hills of Heteen,

And the voice of mu'athen Al-Aqsa alarmed, Calling for help,

And thousands and thousands of prisoners,

Are calling on the nation and chanting,

Telling them: To al-Quds.

To a war denouncing oppression and destroying Zionism,

Raising Palestinian flags in the skies,

And repeating my words,


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Palestine ... my name is Palestine
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