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 what u will feel like?

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PostSubject: what u will feel like?   Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:34 pm

what u will feel like:when u be homeless sleeping in streets and eating from garbage with cats

what u will feel like
:when u cant feel scure even in ur house even in ur bed

what u will feel like?
:when u lost ur family

what u will feel like
when u cant do what the normal people do cause u r handicapped and not normal

what u will feel like ?
:when u be like them

plz everyone read my topic plz i want u to say

اللهم اني اشكرك على نعمك التي لا تعد ولا تحصى لك الشكر ولك الحمد وانت
على كل شي قدير

and never complain cause u know that there r alot of
people worst than u just say al7amdo lellah
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what u will feel like?
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