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 zainab bent Muhammad

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PostSubject: zainab bent Muhammad   Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:56 am

Zainab, may Allah be pleased by the daughter of the Prophet of God
Zaynab is bin Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim Qureshi, married her aunt's son Abu Rabi Bin Al-Aas bin Abdul attributable bin Abdul sun before Islam in the lives of her mother, and brought him to him by his wife to bin Abi Talib after Fatima, was born to him as Ali bin Abi Al-Aas boy who died, since the difference between Islam and Abu El-Aas-Zeinab Abu El-Aas When the safest response prophet - peace be upon him - first has to get married


Zeinab exited - may Allah be pleased about - from Mecca with Lebanon, or the son of Lebanon, went out on request, the gendarmerie compound Ben Black, did not contest the shots still shaft epilepsy and even dropped in the abdomen, blood Hrivt abandoned, Ahtger the Banu Hashim and Banu illiteracy, said Banu illiteracy : We (the later) ... It was under his cousin Abu El-Aas, was at the threshold of Hind Bint bin Rabia, saying: (This is why APEC) ...

He said the prophet - peace be upon him - to Zaid bin Syndicate: (only start came as Zeinab ?)... Said: (Yes O Messenger of God) ... Said: (subfraction Khatami give them to him) ... Hence, Zaid was still euphemistically shepherd himself, said: (for those who care ?)... Said: (Abu El-Aas) ... He said: (to whom these sheep ?)... Said: (for Zaynab bint Mohammed) ... Saro him something and then said: (Do you have something to give you give him not recall anyone ?)...

Said: (yes) ... Atta seal, and launched the shepherd and sheep, was given a seal Arafat, said: (given you from this ?)... Said: (men) ... She said: "(" Where is his legacy ?)... He: (to such and such) ... Stroke, even if it went out the night, came when he told her: (knee between my hands) ... To the shots said: (No, but you compose my hands) ... Knee and installed behind it even came, so the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - to say: (is the best of my daughters was hit) ...

Lease husband

Abu El-Aas went to Syria in the annuity for the Quraish, have been assigned Zeid in one hundred and seventy passengers of the prophet, troop caravan in the year and took six people were captured Abu El-Aas, was sent to Abu Zainab bint Al-Aas Messenger of God - peace be upon him - to Take safer from APEC , Fajrjt aspirations of her head out of quarantine and the prophet - peace be upon him - in the morning to pray with people, she said: (O people! I Zaynab Bint messenger of God and I have conducted Aba Al-Aas) ...

When completed the prophet - peace be upon him - from prayer, he said: (O people that I have no knowledge of this until I hear, and that he only endorsed the Muslim below) ... When our neighbour asked her father to reply to him pleasures he did, and she has not as close as long as involving, retroactive to Mecca Fadi to everyone his rights, then came back to Islam, Muslim immigrants in seven years, it has the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - his wife's first marriage benefit ...

Her death

We have stayed Zeinab - may Allah be pleased about - sick of that instalment paid by Habbariyah Ben Black even died from it Ache, who consider them martyrs, who died - may Allah be pleased about - the first in eight years for Migration, said Attiya Or: (for dead Zainab Bint Messenger of God -- Peace be upon him - said: (money and litres, three or five, placing them in the afterlife fountain or something of Camphor, if money scientific) ...

When he joined us money: (her poetry) ... This was it - peace be upon him - an expression of great love and great sadness to ...

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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PostSubject: Re: zainab bent Muhammad   Thu Dec 11, 2008 6:34 am

Salam My Dear Sister
Thank U soooooo Much Dear sis for this nice wonderful nice Topic
May Allah bless u and protect u
Fi Aman Allah
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zainab bent Muhammad
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